Frank Boosman, Principal

August 15, 2012

Prior to founding Z Shift, Frank served as a Director at Lockheed Martin, where he was a key advocate for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare via simulation-based system-of-systems engineering and analytics. His paper on this topic won the Best Paper award at the leading simulation and training conference, I/ITSEC, in 2010. Previously, he was COO of 3Dsolve, a simulation training firm, which was acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2007. Before joining 3Dsolve, he served in a variety of VP-level roles for Be Inc., a vendor of software platforms for Internet appliances. He was a co-founder of Red Storm Entertainment, where he served as VP of Product Development and co-created Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, the first realistic first- person tactical combat game. Previously, Frank served as VP and General Manager of Virtus Studios, where he designed Tom Clancy SSN, the first 3D submarine simulation game. He was also a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe Systems, where he was a founding team member and the original product manager of Adobe Acrobat.

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