Simulation Analytics

What Is Simulation Analytics?

Simulation analytics…

  • uses simulation both for training and to quantitatively improve organizational performance
  • enables organizations to ask and answer what-if questions about their people, assets, and processes
  • helps organizations become more efficient via simulation-based training and analysis

Simulation Analytics Process

The simulation analytics process is fundamentally based on building high-fidelity simulations of the domain being studied, from convenience stores to healthcare. Using these simulations as our core building blocks, we use them to create a) immersive training tools and b) data-driven analytics. Combining immersive, simulation-based training with simulation-derived analytics enables to provide our customers with organizational performance improvements.

Simulation analytics process

What is simulation analytics?

What is simulation analytics?

The Virtuous Circle

The simulation analytics process is what we like to call a virtuous circle. We begin by developing high-fidelity simulations of our customers’ organizations. We use these simulations to model changes in people, assets, and processes that can improve performance. These same simulations then become the basis of immersive training tools for organizational personnel. As personnel train using our simulations, they become proficient with our tools, enabling them to improve the fidelity of the simulation based on their direct, hands-on experience, at which point our customers become capable of using our tools to enhance their own processes.

The virtuous circle

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