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Z Shift is the only consultancy focused on simulation analytics, using simulation not only for traditional purposes such as training, but also to quantitatively improve the performance of organizations of all kinds. Z Shift builds simulations that enable organizations to ask and answer what-if questions about their people, assets, and processes. Using its experience simulating complex, real-world environments — from aircraft cockpits to nuclear submarines, from convenience stores to intensive care units — Z Shift helps organizations become more efficient via simulation-based training and analysis.


Z Shift was founded in 2011 by Frank Boosman and Rett Crocker to bring the benefits of simulation analytics that were first used in the aviation industry to healthcare, manufacturing, and enterprises looking to maximize business processes and decision effectiveness. Z Shift was the first company to go beyond traditional simulation and focus on simulation analytics: an approach that improves performance, optimizes the business, and defines best practices through simulation, analytics, and training.

Z Shift has two locations: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Seattle, Washington.




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